IS Claims Responsibility For Suicide Bombings At Brussels Airport


Brussels police has issued a wanted notice for a young man who was captured carrying a laden luggage trolley at the airport where others two were suspected of detonating themselves using heavy explosives.


However, one of the most dangerous militant organizations Islamic State has claimed responsibility for suicide bombings at Brussels airport as well a rush-hour metro train in the capital of Belgian on 22 March, 2016 that caused by 34 fatalities.

Latest severest attacks have prompted security alerts crossways Europe even wishing global expressions for support, while the security forces remained successful getting main surviving suspect in Islamic State’s assaults on Paris previous November so it seems to be revenge or offensive by the militants.

No more words said Belgian security officials but the United States officials that the bombings may have caused arrest of one of the Islamic State militants Salah Abdeslam but when it comes to talk about IS’s plans to attacks at Brussels Zaventem airport and a metro station in the center of the Belgian capital, they have been everything set to launch explosions in capital of Belgium

United States President Barack Obama noticed the tensions in Brussels, said to fight with Islamist militant is not a toughest job as we can beat them because we have everything tackling.

The front-runner for the Republican nomination will be replacing Obama’s presidency in November’s election, Donald Trump also expressed huge rage over the killings in capital of Belgium.

However the security forces from Brussels have carried out an operation in northern side of the city where is revealed to be another bombing occurrence even also was informed that some people supposed to be belonging to Islamic State, have a large quantity of bomb-making chemicals as well related things in Belgium’s municipality Schaerbeek.