Is Leonardo Dicaprio Planning To Tie In Knot Secretly With Nina Agdal?


The Hollywood actor is always in search of some new beauties, this time handsome Leonardo DiCaprio has found his love with Model Nina Agdal and expectedly planning for eco-friendly wedding with new girlfriend.


The American actor Leonardo DiCaprio is always wondering in search of new girl friend, after leaving lot more girl friends the Hollywood hunk has found love with a model Nina Agdal this time and news that amazed his fans he is planning to settle down with his new girlfriend secretly.

however, rumors has reported Leonardo DiCaprio will tie in wedding knot with beautiful model Nina Agdal next year in spring.

The 41-years old still handsome Hollywood actor Leonardo DiCaprio has taken a very offensive decision according to his personality as he flirt with many girlfriends for little time now he decided for a grand flirt with model Nina Agdal because he is willing to tie in knot with model.


The duo has accepted their relationship in front of media after the intimate kissing pictures on beach of Maliba, California gone viral on internet.

The couple has announced their relationship on media and also announces they will change their status soon from Single to married.

The Oscar winning actor Leonardo DiCaprio and gorgeous model Nina Agdal are planning for the secret wedding may be they tie in knot next year in spring but he exact date have not been surfaced yet.


Leonardo has took a overlook of ladies for a long time and choose a better one like cream of the milk, Nina has not even a problem with engagement but the cutest duo is planning for intimate and stunning wedding especially form the side of Leo as he has created a wedding guest list in which Tobey Maguire, Kate Winslet and Lukas Haas included.