IS Wave Of Bombings In Baghdad Near Iraqi Capital, Kill At Least 20 People


Islamic states militants has unleashed a wave of bombing that targeted the commercial areas located in and around the Baghdad today on 30 May that caused the casualties of at least 20 personnel.


Baghdad: Extremist Group Islamic State has claimed another attack in and around Baghdad that targeted the commercial areas on Monday killed at least 20 peoples, officials has unveiled that Iraqi troops poised to recapture their city Fallujah, Fallujah situated in west of Iraq’s capital and was held by Islamic states militants.

The unleashed wave of targeted bombing recently in cities of Baghdad by Islamic states militants was just an attempt to distract away the attention of security forces from the front lines. The Iraqi security forces get back extremist group Islamic state held city Fallujah by paramilitary forces as well as backed by aerial support of United States coalition.

The Iraqi Military launched operation to dislodge the Islamic state militants from city of Iraq, Fallujah situated west of Iraq’s capital. Dislodge of Islamic state’s militants has launched about a week back but still in form to give a massive and final push from the city’s center.

The wave of bombing in and around Baghdad as following: a suicide carried out by bomber in the northern city of Baghdad on Monday, the deadliest attack cause a heavy explosion of a car near the check point which is several steps back to a commercial area. Horrible explosion killed 11 people in which three a soldiers while there are 14 wounded personnel.

The second car suicide bomber struck to an outdoor market which is about 50 kilometers from the north of Baghdad caused the casualties of seven public figures and three police officials as well as the number of wounded civilians are 24.