ISIS Claims Responsibility For Several Attacks In Kirkuk


Gunfire rings out in Iraq’s city as the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria’s multiple militants were wearing suicide vests on early morning of Friday on 21st October which carried out the killing of 16 civilians.


The gunmen wearing the suicide vests have targeted the building of Police headquarter and a government building as well on early morning of Friday 21st October.

The suicide attack on government security building in the city of Iraq Kirkuk carried out the death of 16 innocent civilians.

Islamic State of Iraq and Syria has taken the responsibility of multiple attacks on different points which include power plant, security check points and the police headquarter.

The ISIS combatants also broke into the town hall and a hotel according to fresh report of BBC however; the Governor of Iraq’s city Kirkuk Najmaldin Karim has given a briefing to Rudaw TV.

The Governor of the state told the ISIS fighters has not managed to seize the control of building rather they entered in the region as Iraq’s government allied forces and fighters who fought to recapture the second largest city of Iraq Mosul.

According to chief of police of Kirkuk, the ISIS fighters targeted the building with three of suicide bombers and the well done to Iraq’s forces, they foiled the militants attack and killed those three suicide bombers.

Before attacks on police headquarter, the ISIS militants infiltrated a power plant which is in Dibis and 25 mile far away from the west of Kirkuk.

The power plant attack carried out the death of 12 administrators early morning on 6 am. The Mayor of Dibis reported, the security force clashed with three of suicide bomber and killed one of them before he detonated his suicide vest but the rest of two has detonated.