ISIS Companion In Majorca Arrested By Spanish Police For Plotting Terror Attack In Europe


Spanish Police raided on a popular holiday island for Brits and arrested the ISIS collaborator who plotted for a terror attack according to the authorities.


Police of Span raided early morning on Majorca Island which is the best place of outing and to spend the holidays for the Brits, Police arrested a suspected collaborator of Islamic State ISIS, according to the Police ISIS collaborator plotted for the Europe terror attack and early morning police raided due to ‘the rapid neutralization of a direct theft’.

Majorca is famous for its natural beautiful places, also known as one of the largest island of Balearic Islands archipelagos. When police investigated the Islamic State collaborator, some facts revealed that the suspected person who is unnamed born in the city of Africa.

Morocco promote the terror attack in Europe as well as he is also suspected for having a very close link with Islamic State ISIS leader while ISIS considered a terror organization in Islamic States Iraq and Syria.

Police also raided on Majorca capital Palma to arrest more accused persons, during investigation Spanish Police come to know deeper contact with Islamic state leader that currently based in Islamic state Syria, the leader working for Daesh which is a terror organization that was also included in the terror attack in Paris.

Only the work of suspected collaborator was to facilitate the terror group, how they enter more fighters in war zone as well as to provide the resources to carry out the attack and to give more better information about their plot of terror attack in Europe. According to facts, their mission was not only to attack the popular holiday island Majorca they planned for more terror attacks in other European countries.

The operation had been co-ordinate by Audiencia Nacional judge that was in conjunction with prosecutor.