ISIS Declare Its Next Target United Kingdom New Video Message Releases


London: Famous Militant group Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant gave threat about its new attack in UK and showed a video clip in which that country highlighted by terrorists.


According to a foreign news report, two freedom fighter groups Al-Qaeda and ISIS increased their terror attacks in Syria, Iraq and other countries. Now, they also want to make a big hit on United Kingdom and released a video massage for relating Government.

Recently, Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant entered in Paris and introduced many harsh attacks in which almost 130 innocent people killed and 350 faced serious injuries. Now, British Government will take a big challenge of terrorist about his national defense system.

Many Muslim countries like Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan and Palestine are facing severe problem of civil war in which thousands people killed by terrorists and NATO forces. ISIS’s commanding hands told that they want only Islamic environment in whole world.

Now, UK’s Government is trying to make peaceful climate of London and other big cities for the help of all high profile intelligence and security forces in result of an attack threat given by militants. Last day, a big meeting held in supervision of Chief of army staff named General Sir Nick Carter in presence of all security agencies about ISIS’s attack.

British and American army are fighting with terrorists in Afghanistan and other countries for the purpose of getting control on Muslims that’s why Al-Qaeda and Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant did not stop their harsh attacks against Non Muslim nations for increasing terror.

Militants of ISIS also showed many videos in front of UK’s media in which they want to kill all infidelity people and gave message to their settled companions in that country about help in making attack plan with full of difficulties.