ISIS Killed 22 People In Syria By 2 Suicide Attacks Near Army Check Post


Damascus: Two unidentified suicide bombers blew themselves near a small army check post held in Homs so, almost 22 people killed and above hundreds got serious injuries.


According to a foreign news report, ISIS and Al-Qaeda both militant groups are busy in disturbing the peace of many Muslim countries. Last day in Homs, two unknown suicide bombers made blast in front of an army check post in which 22 people departed from that life and almost 100 faced very severe wounds.

Governor of Homs named Said ibn Aamir al-Jumahi gave a statement to a local news agency in which one suicide bomber occurred near in troops’ station and made blast in result of that lot of people gathered on that place then, second attacker introduced another hit after that two dozen citizen martyred and injured shifted to nearly hospital.

Famous terrorist group named ISIS introducing lot of attacks and bombings in Syria, Iraq and other Muslim countries along with Al-Qaeda in which thousands innocent people killed and lot of took serious injuries who did not able to carry on their next life.

American, Russian and other NATO forces announced a big civil war against terrorists in Syria and Iraq but any big success did not prevail by these security groups because ISIS has lot of hidden sources and developed weapons for the purpose of killing all Non Muslim nations from all Muslim countries.

Recently, ISIS confirmed the death of his well known leader named Mohammad Emwazi who got lot of fame by nick name of ‘Jihadi John’ but terrorists do not stop their aggressive activities against NATO forces and killed many troops on everyday in Syria and Iraq.

The best thing is that United Nations did not introduce any specific law for the purpose of killing civil war from Iraq and Syria.