ISIS Leader Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi Was Not A Blood Thirsty Terrorist; Ex-Wife Said


Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi was an ‘ideal father’ for his children and ‘normal family man’ before he was not a dreadful leader of a Islamic Terror state raised in upper middle class conservative family of Iraq.


Al-Baghdadi was the leader of Islamic militant organization usually known by Islamic state located in western Iraq, he listed in Specially Designated Global Terrorist by US State department also with the award of $10 million to inform about Al-Baghdadi, many times the news of death and injury of Al-Baghdadi report but none of one had been verified.

Saga Al Dulaimi interviewed a TV channel who is the mother of four Al-Baghdadi’s Childs, about Dulaimi she raised in an upper class family of Baghdad she already been married before to met with Baghdadi who was a lieutenant killed in an action, saga have two twin boys named Omar and Usama.

Saga’s father feared about her widow daughter so he tied his daughter in relation with Baghdadi who shows his appearance as a university lecturer but he did not know that he was not only a lecturer also a most hunting face of terror.

Dulaimi was completely unaware about Baghdadi’s past also reported that she did not like him not because he unlike him or his children, she did not love him hence it become difficult to adjust with the people whom you not like or love.

She found Baghdadi as a terrorist when she was arrested in Lebanon for crossing the Syria illegally during interrogation the authorities considered her as a terrorist and showed dreaded ISIS leader.

She shocked to know that her father knot in the relation to a person who is the most dangerous person in the whole world.