ISIS Pushing Birth Control for increasing Supply of Sex Slaves: US Reports


Famous militant group named Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIS) is busy in introducing shameful ideas in Muslim countries in which most highlighted problem is that terrorists increasing contraception for maintain smuggling of sex slaves.


According to latest foreign news report, small villages spotted in outside regions of Iraq and Syria ISIS militants made kidnappings of young women, girls for the purpose of making smuggling for using as sex slaves in other Asian countries that step is taken only for contraception.

An American TV channel took citing interviews from all Yazidi women who runaway from ISIS kidnappers told that militants did not want to see any pregnant woman but using only for sex satisfaction all kidnapped girls could be supplied among all fighters in civil war affected countries almost 5000 women also smuggled in last year now these activities increased by jihadist group it’s not fair against any community.

Kidnapping girls or women mostly alleged with Christianity religious that’s why they are feeling very upset about their peace and want to get some suitable peaceful place for living happily because in result of civil war people are staying in refugees camps where ISIS killers attacked and arrested women for using as sex slaves.

New York Times reported escaped women told that minimum one girl made abortion for producing her services as sex member against ISIS fighters in different countries.

Another report revealed in which almost 700 Yazidi women have victims of rape but after medical checkup in hospital held in Iraq only 5 % showed their pregnancy.

In those days, Iraq and Syria are facing the big civil war between ISIS fighters and American or other NATO forces in result of that battle thousands people killed and double of that numbers got serious wounds but still now, any peaceful way did not introduce for stoppage.