ISIS Smuggled Women From Pakistan & Other Muslim Countries: Reported


Moscow: Russian media revealed a report in which officials said that famous militant group named Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIS) is kidnapping multiple women and smuggled to Pakistan for trading purposes.


According to a news report, jihadist group ISIS introducing smuggling of women to other Muslim countries especially Pakistan, Afghanistan and Libya for earning purposes but the secret way of these transfers did not open by anyone.

In those days, Syria and Iraq are facing big clash between forces and terrorists for getting control in result of that thousands people departed from that life and millions got serious injuries.

In 2015, forces also snatched hundreds women at the time of smuggling to nations for the purpose of sex slaves and now, Russian median point out that quantity in front of world for decreasing that problem against Yazidi women. Terrorists of ISIS also killed lot of men during kidnapping process of young girls from Iraqi villages.

Intelligence forces also rescued numerous women from ISIS kidnappers and got interviews in which girls told in front of media in which mediators earned high amounts by women trading. Mayor of Iraq made press conference in which he said that we are trying to stop that sex ring in shape of abducted women for the help of American and NATO forces against militants.

Another news portal told that most beautiful girls firstly sent to ISIS’s auction houses for selling purposes and then sold out for high bidders. Mostly kidnapped slaves transferred to Pakistan and other Asian countries fro sexual life but any specific law or department did not take any suitable action against that war.

People of Syria and Iraq much frightened from ISIS and other forces because they lost their children and parents in big civil war and that problem also taking high steps.