ISIS Suicide Bombers Attacked On Kurdish Wedding Party, 22 Killed Dozens Wounded


The suicide bomber of Islamic State of Iraq and Syria has targeted a happiest ceremony of wedding, the deadly blast resulted in the casualties of 22 innocents while a huge number of people wounded badly.


The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria has not forgiven a wedding ceremony in city of Syria-Hasakah, a Syrian suicide bomber has brutally targeted a Kurdish wedding ceremony in Kurdish on Monday which considered a latest violent attack in the embattled destabilized country.

The deadly blast has killed the 22 innocent people while the dozens is reportedly wounded badly; the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria took the responsibility for brutal crash in the northeast city of Syria.

The mayor of Hasakah that identified as Zaal al-Ali reported about the crash, the Syrian suicide bomber pushed him under the wedding hall and blasted at time of running ceremony however, the Kurdish’s wedding hall was located 400 meters away from the northeastern city Hasakah.

The UK based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights has dropped a statement by saying The groom was among those who attacked in blast while the Rami Abdul Rahman the co-founder of SOHR has reportedly said, the militant group has cited its sources how to enter the bomb blaster in the explosion.

how to get access to the wedding hall that situated in a small village of Tal Tawil that is already in under control of the Kurdish forces of Syria.

The Kurdish forces in Syria is controlling the small village of Tal Tawil and fighting against the fighters of Islamic State of Iraq and Syria.

The deadly suicide attack has been claimed by Islamic State of Iraq and Syria on Twitter officially but the supporters of ISIS has also retweeted to inform more people.