Islamic State Of Iraq And The Levant Confirms Death Of British Terrorist Jihadi John


Famous Terrorist group named Daesh verify the death of leader Mohammad Emwazi well known as Jihadi John during an attack of US’s drones, who involved in lot of harsh activities in Syria and Iraq along with Al-Qaeda.


According to a news report, in those days, many Muslim countries faced the problem of civil war in which lot of people departed from that life. Last day, Sources of Islamic State of Iraq & the Levant confirms the death of big aggressive leader named Mohammad Emwazi during drone’s attack in 2015.

Mohammad Emwazi familiar as Jihadi John was born on 17 August 1988 in Kuwait and shifted to United Kingdom along with family members in the age of six years and took early Islamic education from his parents and joined the small group of terrorists.

Firstly, he introduced lot of big illegal harsh activities against troops of British and United state in Iraq and Syria. Then, he worked completely for famous Islamic State of Iraq and Levant and introduced himself as high profile Jihadi personality and took nick name of Jihadi John.

Drones fighter attacked on a terrorist group in Syria with severe bombings in which Mohammad Emwazi killed along with other fellows on 12 November 2015. In those days, Al-Qaeda and ISIL increased their severe attacks against NATO and all other forces in Iraq and Syria.

ISIL sources mentioned the death of powerful commander Mohammad Emwazi in January 2016. He involved in many attacks and international disputes along with his all group. His organization also took the lot of control of many cities held in Iraq, Yemen and Syria for the purpose of introducing rules and regulations.

Last day, Russian fighter planes attacked on a market in which almost 60 people departed from that life and many were got serious wounds.