Islamic State Video Directly Threatens Mark Zuckerberg And Jack Dorsey


One of the most dangerous militant organizations Islamic State turns towards Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg and Twitter’s Jack Dorsey this time by making direct threats via a video which seems to be composed by supporters, claimed to be the IS hackers are trying to get back their social media platforms.


It is not happening first time that Islamist fighter group that also known by its other identities such as IS, ISIS, ISIL and others, threatening renowned celebrities even those who tried to be a hurdle in its way they directly threatened using social media.

Islamic State also known for its brutal acts all over the world, the group has been using social website platforms promoting terrorism globally.

However, the 25 minutes long video message from IS Demonstrates photographs of Mark Zuckerberg and his Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey but appears to be covered with bullet holes, while fighters from Islamic State named the footage “Flames Of The Supporters,” that end with direct threat.

In this video some Islamic State supporters’ words expressing huge rage by addressing to Zuckerberg and CEO Jack that FB removing IS accounts on daily base, “Is that all you can do? You are not in our league,”

The IS fighters added in text video, if the owners will remove Islamic State one account they will take 10 in return even also said that the names of Facebook owners will be removed following erasing their websites ‘Allah willing’, ended saying they are saying true.

On the other hand, Twitter had erased 125,000 accounts which were being used for threatening or promoting terrorist acts. Nonetheless, Facebook discovered Islamic State accounts motivational for innocent people who are becoming part the terrorist group.

According to latest information, IS hackers named themselves “the sons of the Caliphate army”, while rolled out videotape on Wednesday.