Islamic State’s Income On Lower Oil Drops 30 Percent


The terrorist groups have to pay new taxes on activities such as installing satellite dishes as well as to exit from the city on which fines imposed.


According to a United State said after the analysis that the Islamic State’s population as well as the income of these states fell down about a third, the income of Islamic State ISIS has fell steeply last year with thirty percent to US $56 million, although the terror group impose to plethora on absurd taxes and fines on prisoners that also include the installation of dishes as well as the exit fee to leave the city.

ISIS bared the significant losses in the form of numbers of their people who slumped the “Caliphate” last year 2015 around nine million to fewer than six million, it is recorded by a United States based consolatory firm “IHS”.

Islamic State’s ISIS plummeted by large figure, this state had revenue around USD 80 million per month in the mid of 2015 but suddenly declined to only $56 million USD per month in March 2016, from these calculations ISIS bear a large amount of loss in this year.

Although the ISIS Islamic state had been known as branded once a time in the history of world however its economy also decreased about 22 percent in the 2014 but this year crises are more dangerous than that of recent.

The daily output of these Islamic Terrorist States was 33,000 barrels but dropped due to its fate to 21,000 barrels with same time this caused by a damage from the air strikes.

A report included the revenue graph of these State that their 50 percent income comes from tax as well as from sequestration while their 43 percent of the income form from oil on the other hand the rest of 7 percent of the income comes from electricity, donations and drug smuggling.