Israeli Authorities Recommended Indicting Benjamin Netanyahu’s Wife Over Financial Irregularities


The national Israeli police have recommended indictments against the spouse of Prime Minister of Israel Mr. Benjamin Netanyahu over the improper behavior and misuse of the whole state funds on Sunday, media reported.

Israeli Authorities Recommended Indicting Benjamin Netanyahu’s Wife Over Financial Irregularities

Haaretz has reported on Sunday, the official website of national Israeli Police recommended indictment against Sara Netanyahu, who is life partner of Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu, for the improper behavior and allegedly the wrong use of state fund as well as Police of Israel also recommended bringing criminal charges as Sara Netanyahu has inflated the spending of household.

The officials of Law enforcement asserted, the wife of Prime Minister of Israel has suspicion for several wrong doings such as following: falsifying documents, breach of trust as well as she is continuously receiving several goods under false pretenses.

Law enforcement officials also added, they found much enough evidence to blame Ezra Saidoff-deputy director of Prime Minister’s office, Sara Netanyahu-spouse of Israeli Prime Minister and electrician Avi Fahima.

Israeli Police had launched investigation against PM’s wife Sara Netanyahu before a year when criticism hit spikes against her household spending habits, reported by state comptroller. The national Israel police have stated in one of their statements on Sunday, they conducted a probe over misuse of household spending of Mrs. Benjamin Netanyahu and presented it to prosecutor, the prosecutor has to give instruction for what task is to perform.

The Israeli newspaper Haaretz has issue a report; the 57-years old wife of Israeli Prime Minister has allegedly found spending private money on chefs, food, family events. She is also suspected for paying a caregiver for his father from that fund which kept for Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s residence.

The Israel Police’s Lahav 433 fraud investigation unit took investigation from Sara Netanyahu under the caution last year in December as a criminal took under investigation.