Israeli Girl Of 25 Years Become Victim Of Rape At Manali


MANALI: A tourist Israeli girl of 25 years comes to India on a visiting tour and become a victim of rape in the popular resort of Manali at Himalaya Range.


During the investigation that Israeli girl told to police that she was in a hurry as she left behind from her friends as her all friends are in a small town Keylong which is near to Manali and she tried to catch them in this struggle she thought a taxi is coming and she asked for lift to Keylong.

In that car there are 6 men and two of them rape that girl badly after this rape an FIR is reported in police that a tourist girl is raped by local guys at that time police immediately take action and transfer that girl to hospital.

First she was in a local Hospital after that she was transferred into a VIP hospital for proper treatment, police completed its investigation with the girl and now police is finding that group of guys who rape that girl.

Police is investigating invaluably with the public resort staff to find any clue and also checking the CCTV footages of different areas to identify that car which is under use of that gang and also make different check posts on highway and checking all the cars including the tourist buses but till now police is unable to find any clue.

Himalaya and Manali is one of the most famous tourism points in India many foreigners every year visited to Himalaya and most of them stay in Manali and visited the near towns and FIR reports are reported in local police station on weekly base.

Now Indian government increases the punishment of rape and makes rules more harsh as the news of sexual assault are the part of headlines on daily in India and Indian government badly failed to stop this sexual assault.