Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu Refused To Meet With Barack Obama


Washington: White house also surprised when Prime Minister of Israel named Benjamin Netanyahu declined to meet with Barack Obama and cancelled his scheduled trip to United States in this month.


According to US media report, an important meeting will be held between Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and American president Barack Obama after few days but white house still surprised when they know about cancellation of that meeting made by Israeli management but any further suggestion did not introduce by officials.

Israeli management asked from Obama management for next gathering of both leaders in March, in reply US government selected the dates of 17 or 18 but now, meeting will not be happen in result of unknown issues.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has some predictable issues about regional peace with America but a major meeting refused may be near in future that gathering will be held with full of confidence because both countries also having lot of domestic trade connections increasing stock values for strengthen economy.

Recently, American computer hackers hacked the government web site of Russia in result of that major conversation held between both countries presidents for improving technology.

An expert of Israel-American relations told that I have no much explanation about declining of meeting between Benjamin Netanyahu and Barack Obama because when anyone invite you then you have to go in reply.

The best thing is that Israeli management did not open the busy time of his president and now, PM Benjamin Netanyahu make stay at home because he did not want to create any type of wading in United States elections predicament so, he will make trip to America near in future.

Personal relationship between U.S. and Israel presidents never is stronger over professional matters but they remain conscious about benefit of their people.