Istanbul Bomb Attack At Police Station On 2nd Day Of Ramadan, 11 Died 38 Injured


A bus hits a police station in Kurdish at southeast in Turkey and in result of bus blast 11 people were died and several people were injured and there is no exact figure of injured people but there is an estimate that 38 persons were injured and some of them are in very critical condition.


This attack was done on Wednesday morning when a passenger bus hits the police station and after investigation of this attack police came to knows that the bomb in the bus was operated with remote control.

This bus was entered in the region during the rush hour when everybody was going on its work and was in hurry and also at that time all the police officers were in the office and changing the shifts.

This is the fourth biggest attack in Turkey during the year 2016 and every time the members of security forces and security agencies were on hit list.

In this attack till now no terrorist group have accepted the responsibility of this attack but it was clear that the terrorists wants to damage the security circle in Turkey and the result of this bus attack 4 police officers were dead and round about 7 civilians have lost their lives.

After this attack 4 people were caught but till now there is no information that they are really part of this bus attack or they are innocent nothing was reviled yet.

Till now the responsibility of previous attacks on security agencies was claimed by The Banned Kurdistan Workers Party it was also assumed that this attack was also done by Kurdistan Workers Party because it was done of police force.

Turkish Foreign Minister says that this attack was done in Ramadan it was a holy month for Muslims and these terrorists were such cold heated as they done this attack on 2nd day of Ramadan.


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