Italian Earthquake Destroys Historic Catholic Landmarks In Norcia


The third powerful earthquake to hit central Italy on 31st October in recent two months, thousands of civilians have sought assistance from Civil Protection Agency of Italy after heavy earthquake and the one last week.


Italian Authorities said that the Civil Protection Agency have given assistance to more than 15,000 Norcia residents as they are being housed in hotels and sheltered after third powerful earthquake.

The most powerful earth quakes not only disturb the human routine life but also jammed the life cycle as it ruined Benedictine Cathedral, medieval towers and other historic landmarks.

Civil Protection Agency official said although they rescued around 15,000 residents but expectedly it’s unable to say how many left and how many are seeking for help who slept in their vehicle and making other arrangement to pop out from situation.

In Central town of Italy, the Civil Agency officials said firefighters, are taking back civilians to their homes early no 31st October to retrieve belongings.

The third powerful earth quake in history of Italy hit this time with magnitude of 6.6 but there found no reports of even a single casualty as well as no serious injuries have been reported by civilians.

The reason behind no death is that most of the fragile city centers have been close enough after previous quake damage as well as many homes has been evacuated earlier.

The central Italy, Norcia’s tremors have been destroyed ancient buildings in town in which medieval basilica of St Benedict in Norcia. Last earthquake is near the latest struck region but here found no deaths like previous when 300 people reportedly killed by a powerful tremor in August.

Authorities earlier evacuated the residents as they already had been alerted for a more powerful one in Norcia.