Italian Museum Announced To Donate All Its Sunday Revenues For Rebuilding Of Town


After a great earth quake of 6.2 magnitudes now Italy is trying to stand back on its feet in this way the Museum of Italy announced that it will donate all its revenues of Sunday to support government in rebuilding the effected towns.


On Wednesday an earth quake of 6.2 magnitudes take place in Italy and this earth quake put really bad affect on the towns of Italy in the result of this earth quake 291 residents of Italy as well as some foreigners are died and uncountable people are injured.

On the other side many buildings such as medieval buildings also some churches are destroyed and turned into a piece of trash the aftershocks of earth quake also cause behind the destruction of many buildings.

Now the management of Italian Museum announced that it is going to donate all its income or revenues which it will earn on Sunday to support the public and government organizations in re building the towns on the other side many other human welfare organizations in Italy also raising funds to build Italy back in its old from.

The mayor of Amatrice Sergio Pirozzi, requested to rebuild this town as this piece of Italy is completely destroyed and 235 people out of 291 died in this region and this area is completely destroyed and he want to see this region in its previous glory.

The Italian Prime Minister along with President attend 35 public funerals and these both two requested the people to visit Museum on Sunday as all the earnings from Sunday will be fully used in re building the towns buildings.

The Italian Prime Minister after this major earth quake cancel all the public taxes so that public use its money in building their houses and it is a great deed performed by the Prime Minister to support its public.