Italy Celebrating Day Of National Mourning For Victims Of This Earth Quake


After a great Earth quake in Italy of Magnitude 6.2 in the mountainous region round about 300 people are killed and now Italy is officially celebrating Day of National Mourning for Victims of this Earth quake.


On Wednesday a very destructive earth quake takes place in the mountainous region of Italy and in result of this earth quake round about 300 peoples are killed and some of the areas are totally destroyed as well as some of the area are totally cut off from the other regions.

The most affected areas of Italy in result of this earth quake are Accumoli, Arquata and Pescara del Tronto in these areas Arquata is most destructive area and 200 people out of 278 died only in this region and the dead people are mostly citizen of Italy but some of the foreigners are also killed.

Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi is trying his level best to show the public of Italy that he is with them and he has sympathy in his heat for the public and he is also attending the funerals ceremony of victims died in this Earth Quake.

Emergency is announced in all the effected states to help the peoples and the government has announced that the aid of 42 million euro is distributed in the public to support the people as more than 2,000 people are homeless.

Till now the situation of Italian Hospitals is that round about 388 peoples are under treatment and suffering from their wounds from Wednesday no more dead bodies or survivors are found but rescue forces are not stopping and continuously searching for more victims.

Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi cancelled all the taxes of residents to support the public and helping them to build their houses.