Italy Two Trains Collides with Each Other, 25 People Died and 50 Injured


Rome: at Tuesday two passengers trains collides with each other running on the same track with high speed both of the trains are running in opposite direction to each other and collides with each other in this collusion 25 people are killed and roundabout 50 are injured in the result of this collusion.


On Tuesday morning a hot summer day at 11:30 AM where GMT is 0930 the location of this train crash is neat olive groves of Puglia these two trains are coming in high speed and both drivers of trains don’t knows that a train is also coming from the opposite direction and when drivers of these trains saw that a train is coming from the opposite direction than it’s too late to handle the situation.

After this crash rescue teams approach the crash scene and stared their rescue operation rescue forces also use cranes and specifically trained dogs to find out the dead bodies and injured persons buried under the crash material of train.

Rescue teams are also removing the trains mesh from the crash side to find the dead bodies till not 25 dead bodies and 50 injured peoples are transferred to the hospital and the health organization of Italy requested to the peoples to donate blood for these injured people.

Now the condition is that only few injured are in the situation that they can survive all this but many of injured passengers are in critical condition and chances that they cannot survives their injuries.

According to the Railway Police and Minister of Railway of Italy said that this train crash is result of human error not even a single system of whole circuit is damaged human is totally responsible for this train crash.