Iulia Vantur Celebrating Her 36th Birthday, Salman Khan Organizes Grand Party For His Lady Love


On July 24, 2016 there is a grand party in Khan Family which is arranged by bollywood Sultan Salman Khan but the twist is that this party is not in the celebration of Sultan success this party is arranged for Iulia Vantur as 24 July is her date of birth.


Today Salman Khan’s Romanian Beauty is celebrating her 36 birthday while to love in Salu Bhai’s heart he arranged a grand Party for her loved one Iulia Vantur this great grand party is arranged in Galaxy Apartments.

Rumors that bollywood most searched celebrity Salman Khan going to do something special for her girlfriend but till now nobody knows that what Bajrangi Bhaijaan is going to do for her gorgeous lady according to an estimate might be today Salman Khan Proposes her lady or got engaged with her.

According to the latest rumors Salman Khan decided to get married with Iulia Vantur on 8 November when the head of this Khan Family celebrates his 51 wedding anniversary along wither her better half till now Salman Khan just said that whenever I decided to marry someone first I give this exciting news to my fans through social media.

Bodyguard of Bollywood wants that nobody interfere in his personal life and there is no right to anybody to ask question about Salman Khan’s relationship with Iulia Vantur in result of this Salman Khan never accepted that he is dating her Romanian Beauty or he is in any sort of relationship with her.

It is clear that something is going on between these two love birds as these two seen may times together spending time with each other but Dabangg Khan is very possessive about this matter and even don’t giving a hint to media that what is going on between these two.