Iulia Vantur Opens Up Her Relationship With Salman Khan, We Are Friends And Friends Mean Friends


Now the romantic love story of Salman Khan with the Romanian beauty Iulia Vantur takes a shocking turn when this Romanian beauty opens her mouth and said that these both two are friends and friends mean friends.


From last few months the love story of Bollywood’s Sultan Salman Khan with the super hot model of Rumania Iulia Vantur continuously making headlines but the these two love birds don’t even open up their mouth on the running rumors.

But it seems like that now the rumors of the relationship of these two hottest celebrates have crossed the limits and now after facing all the rumors the beloved lady of Salman Khan Iulia Vantur finally opened up her mouth while giving an interview to a popular Indian Bollywood magazine.

In this interview when she is asked about the relationship of her with the most searched Bollywood actor on Google Salman Khan then she passed a statement that “No, we’re friends. Friends means friends, not love. Everything happens in the best time, not earlier, not later. The rest is speculation.”

This statement of Romanian Beauty really popped up the eyes of many people that this statement is totally opposite then the views which are in front of the public that how is it possible that a friend gives as much time to another person that he don’t even attend the conferences or specially organize special parties or provides company during the shooting of films.

But this statement gives a clue that something really going to happen between these two love birds in the future as Iulia Vantur said good things don’t happens before or after the time good things happens on the right time and it is not the right time for these two to confess their relationship in front of public.