Japan Scrambles Jets As China Flies Fleet Through Okinawa Strait


The Japanese Air Self-Defense force scrambled aircraft on Sunday when China’s Air Force sent more than 40 warplanes that made their way to West Pacific near the contested islands in East China Sea for the first time.


The Japanese scrambled their fighter jets on Sunday when they caught more than 40 fighter warplanes flies through a strait between Miyako (Japan’s Island) and Okinawa Islands for the first time, state media reported China Air Force sent more than forty fighter jets on Sunday for participating in Western Pacific for military drills.

Chinese Air Force’s warplanes include H-64 bomber, Su-30 fighter passed through the international entryway to Western pacific, these all are going for routine military drills but Japanese Air Force scrambled although they use a legal way but they thought politically sensitive.

Japanese Chief Cabinet Secretary Yoshihide Suga said they decided suddenly to send their fighter jets up in the sky after passing eight fighter jets in which four are bombers, two surveillance and two fighter planes.

Japanese Defense official revealed out this is happened first time when China sent more than 40 fighter jets to western pacific for military drilled without sending a single message. The People’s Liberation Army has reported the military drill is the part of China’s effort to control over the parts of East China Sea but it’s only for practice coordination, surveillance in fight refueling.

An official with the People’s Liberation Army Air Force, Shen Jinke reported Chinese bomber and Chinese fighters conducting regular petrol over strait between Japan’s island-Miyako and Okinawa Islands however, Air Defense Identification Zone (ADIZ) of East China Sea is unilaterally declared in 2013.

There is no threat of any, this time there is a difference China first time send more than forty fighter jets through this new route.