Japan’s Largest Active Volcano “Mount Aso” Erupt Spewing Lava


The largest active Volcano in Japan “Mount Aso” erupted spewing lava, ash 7 kilometers into Sky on Friday however, every one believed to be safe as there come no news of any kind of injuries or damage as well.


The Japan’s largest active Volcano “Mount Aso” situated on Japan’s main southern island of Kyushu has erupted spewing ash along with lava 7 kilometers above into sky which considered by dangerous so the government has issue orders of cancellation of flights across the Japan region and also prompted warning to stay away from volcano region.

However, the eruption of Japanese largest volcano has not harmed any personnel when explosion carried out in volcano on Friday first time in the history of past 22 years.

The Japanese Meteorological Agency has revealed about the whole eruption, The Mount Aso erupted with an explosive sound and volcano spewed smoke and lava debris, shooting plumps of ash around 3280 feet into sky.

therefore, dozens of flights from the nearest city Kumamoto ordered for cancelation and prompting warnings to personnel to be stay at safe place and don’t try to come close to volcano site.

The observatory experts was not expecting of this kind of eruption of Mount Aso which is 625 miles (1000 kilometers) of southwest of Tokyo.

The local media has reported, after eruption they found no wounded personnel immediately it was also reported the eruption begun on Friday according to the local time of 1:46 AM.

It is believed to be a big one explosion of such particular peak after 22 year as the last eruption of particular peak was erupted in January 1980.

While there recorded another eruption of Volcano “Mount Ontake” situated in Nagano West of Tokyo late in last month that killed almost 50 people.