John Kerry Wants To Decrease Stress Between Saudi Arabia & Iran


Riyadh: U.S secretary of state John Kerry made special meetings with high Arab’s Government authorizes about the peaceful diplomatic relations with another Muslim country named Iran.


According to a news report, in those days, Saudi Arabia and many other bluff countries increased bad political relations with Iran that’s why American secretary of state named John Kerry reached in Riyadh for the purpose of decreasing that tension between two Muslim nations.

Few days ago, almost 47 prisoners killed in Saudi Arabia because they want to increase terrorist activities. A big Shia religious personality named Nimr-al-Nimr martyred in that punishment in result of that many Iranian protestors occurred in front of Saudi’s diplomatic office and burned the flags of huge Muslim state.

John Kerry also took little hesitation about aggressive activities increased by famous militant group named Hizb-ul-Mujahideen in Syria, Yemen and Iraq along with Al-Qaeda and Daesh. America suffered lot of loss from these terrorists groups within 15 years.

Another online news portal revealed that almost 80 thousand rockets used by militants against America and Saudi Arabia. A big peace conference held in Genovia in presence of many leaders and they presented lot of suggestions for decreasing the terrorism in Syria.

Saudi Government says that Iran did not want to open a better way of political relations with all bluff nations. Iraqi militant groups also took the help of Irani troops for the purpose of destroying the all NATO forces from Syria and other Muslim countries.

Adel al-Jubeir gave full coordination to America about recovery of terrorism in Saudi Arabia. During meeting with John Kerry Jubeir also pointed out negative behavior of Iranian Government.

Russian army increased attacks on Al-Qaeda and Daesh and killed almost 40 people every day in which many innocent also involved but United Nations did not take any step.