Judi Dench Feels Actor Daniel Craig “Exhausted” From Playing James Bond


Former co-star Judi Dench expose her speculation that James Bond actor Daniel Craig is exhausted from playing the James Bond, certainty is growing day by day that Daniel Craig left the role for best.


Judi Dench who has played her role opposite Denial Craig three times has hinted that Hollywood handsome guy Daniel Craig tired to play James Bond in several mega hits, she believes the actor need a break here. The English actor was first appeared on silver screen in 1992, when he played a character role in drama “The Power of One”.

Earlier it was reported, the actor Denial Craig has turned down for an offer of 68 million dollars to play the role of suave super spy in consecutive two films but three time opposite star Judi Dench believes he should have to take a break. The 81-years old Hollywood actress released a statement in front of Daily Mail; the 48-years old actor is exhausted.

But in interview with 82-years old actress whose character was killed off the third installment of James Bond “Skyfall”, when question fired by Daily Mail who will have to replace Denial? She is unable to answer and replied, it’s upon producer Michael Wilson and Barbara Broccoli, they have to decide who can replace 48-years old actor.

Denial Craig admitted he played enough in James Bond series film and he made a good fun of him if he reprises his role. The 48-years old Hollywood 007 films actor has bagged 38 million pounds with his four films and if he returns back for next one it totally for money.

007 films actor is not only the single person who taking his leave the series, there is “Skyfall” and “Spectre” director Sam Mendes, who refused to direct the next installment.