Junaid Jamshed Assaulted By Charged Crowd At Islamabad Airport


Islamabad: Unknown people beat Ex Singer Junaid Jamshed on Airport in Islamabad where lot of people gathered but they beat him as people said that junaid jamshed had committed blasphemy.


Everybody in Pakistan well know Ex singer Junaid jamshed as he was Christian earlier and turned to Muslim many years ago as he is television personality, artist, actor as well as fashion designer too. He was a famous singer not at National level but also at international level with his companions Rohail Hyatt and Nusrat Hussain he got a lot of success in his music career therefore he was able to release his own album in 1994.

He became more famous by his beautiful national song Dil Dil Pakistan but he quit both of his professions which were Music and engineering in 2004 and accept Islam and focus just on Islam.

But incident was occurred in Islamabad where some people beat him on Benazir International airport in this city where a lot of crowd was also gathered and they listen that some people shouted that to beat Junaid jamshed.

Crowd at airport claimed that it was due to Junaid Jamshed had committed blasphemy in November 2014 therefore he talked about Prophet Hazrat Muhammad SAW and people of country were so much angry with him on this incident but he apologized from people on air but crowd on airport save him as miscreants asked them that they were looking for him.

For that blasphemy a case was also registered against him in November 2014 as he gave remarks on the Wife of Prophet Muhammad SAW So due to this reason people were so much angry with him and he want to beat him in this regard therefore they got a chance to beat him at airport.