Kabir Khan Refuses To Cast Katrina Kaif In Tubelight Along With Salman Khan


Director Kabir Khan openly said that not going to cast the Fitoor actress Katrina Kaif along with the Dabangg actor Salman Khan in his upcoming film Tube light.


Few days later when Katrina Kaif is seen with Director Kabir Khan on a show than there are very strong vibes that Kabir Khan is going to cast Katrina Kaif in his upcoming film and Katrina Kaif is fully agreed to done a project with Kabir Khan and this news becomes viral that Katrina Kaif is coming in the film of Kabir Khan.

There are rumors that Salman Khan refuses to work with Katrina Kaif as she is Salman Khan’s ex girlfriend and he cannot bear Katrina Kaif at the set and don’t feels comfortable with Katrina Kaif or there are chances that Kabir Khan itself don’t sign the Katrina Kaif because he don’t want to lose Salman Khan as he is the success key of the film.

Till now no one knows that what the truth behind this decision and who is responsible for this decision Salman Khan or Kabir Khan but it is confirm that Salman Khan don’t wants to work with her ex girlfriend.

Salman Khan presents great block buster films with kabir Khan such as Et Tha Tiger in 2012 in this film Katrina is along with Salman Khan in this film both are agents of ISI and RAW and working for their countries.

Other film is Bajrangi Bhaijaan in 2015 this film is based on a great script and shows and painted Salman Khan as a kind Hearted Person.

The shooting of the film Tube Light will start at the end of July and according to the plain it woll be release on next Eid.