“Kahaani 2” First Look, Release Date, Cast, Trailer: Vidya Balan Is Intriguing As A Wanted Fugitive


The first teaser of much awaited second sequel of “Kahaani” which reunited Vidya Balan is now out. Reprising again the innocent look, Bollywood actress Vidya Balan is looking more helpless and fugitive in 13-seconds first teaser.

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The first and innocent look of reprises Vidya Balan in much anticipated flick “Kahaani 2” once again amazed the viewer.

The sequel to 2012 hit thriller’s first teaser dropped by Vidya Balan herself on social networking site Twitter with a status “Innocent Until…Proven Guilty”.

the recent share of actress has initiate a suspense once again with the story of helpless and innocent Durga Rani Singh.

The 13-second first teaser of 2012 hit thriller opens with a helpless look of Durga Rani Singh who explained that is being farmed and still there she listen the loud Police siren in her background, Vidya Balan aka Durga Rani Singh runs away to save her life from crops.

As like last sequel the forthcoming film will also flame a deep suspense about story of Durga Rani Singh why she runs away?

Is she involved in Kidnapping and murder? All question still not answered, the story will open with the release of “Kahaani 2” but with a single glimpse in 13-secod video one can believed by Vidya Balan’s look she is innocent and can’t do such kind of crime murder or kidnap.

The forthcoming film is directed and co-produced by Sujoy Ghosh however; the film has casted Arjun Rampal for a pivotal role in the second installment.

The first installment “Kahaani” has got mix reviews where some fans appreciated Vidya Balan there are some fans who criticize Vidya Balan’s “Kahaani”.

The Sujoy Ghosh second installment has scheduled to hit the theater alongside with Gauri Shinde’s “Dear Zindagi” on 25th November this year.