Kashmir During Protest Movement 11 People Killed 90 Injured


When the news of death of freedom movement leader Burhan Wani breaks out then the civilians of Kashmir become mad and started a protest movement in result of this protest movement 11 Kashmir’s civilians have lost their lives and more than 90 civilians are injured during this protest movement.

Kashmir During Protest Movement 11 People Killed 90 Injured

Till now Kashmir is divided into two parts one part is under the control of Pakistan and in this there is peace everywhere but on the other side the other half of Kashmir is under the rule of India. Kashmir itself wants to be the part of Pakistan but India wants to concur the whole Kashmir in this way the citizens of Kashmir under lives under the rule of India suffers a lot of problems.

Burhan Wani is on the greatest leader for the citizens of Kashmir valley because he is the leader of Freedom movement in Kashmir and doing a lot of work for the freedom of Kashmir from India his dream is to see the Kashmir under the rule of Pakistan since 1989 Kashmir is facing this division and the citizens of Kashmir are now sick of it.

On Friday evening Burhan Wani was killed along with two of his fellow friends by the young soldiers of Indian Army when this news breaks out that Burhan Wani is killed than the citizens of Kashmir comes on road and start a protest movement when this movement is started than citizens are out of their mind and destroying everything.

Army of India first tries to stop this protest but the crowd is not obeying the commands than the Indian Army use smoke shells and sticks charge on citizens.

but at the end when everything goes out from the hands of Army than Army open its fire and in result of all these actions performed by Indian Army 11 Kashmir’s citizens are killed and more than 90 people are injured till now there is no exact figure that how many are injured in this attack.