Kimberly Guilfoyle without Makeup


Kimberly Guilfoyle without Makeup

Kimberly Ann Guilfoylea cable-personality of American TV and co-host of program The Five at Fox News. Kimberly was born in March 1969 at San Francisco. She is one of the Hannity and Brit Hume show contributor. Previous work of Kimberly was Court TV anchor-person and legal analyst of ABC News and Fox News.

Kimberly studies include graduation in manga cum laude from California University and J.D. from Law School of San Francisco University, while also studied some course at Dublin Trinity College. She did law internship at district office of attorney San Francisco. Kimberly also done modeling for different brands like Macy’s and in bridal magazine for Victoria’s Secret. At young age Kimberly was so beautiful and attractive with a perfect body shape.

Kimberly Guilfoyle is also known as First Lady of San Francisco when he married the popular politician of California, Gavin Newsom. At that time Newsom was the mayor of that city.

Kimberly started her job as a prosecutor in San Francisco, then as a District Deputy Attorney in Los Angeles and there she received many awards on her performance and best prosecutor of the month. In the start of 2004 Kimberly relocated to New York and there she started her hosting career with Court TV, beside a job as an analyst at a Channel.

In 2006 she joined Fox News as a host at weekend program The Lineup. However the show was cancelled later and Kimberly was appointed on different shows like The Five and others as a co-host.

She married to Gavin in 2001 but divorced in 2006. And after 3 months again wedded to Eric Villency, a furniture heir. She gave birth to a child in October 2006 and divorced in 2009.

In all her lifespan she looked so sexy and attractive, she has a white skin colour and dark brown hair. Everyone look so beautiful at their salad days and Kimberly looked so. But do anyone saw Kimberly Guilfoyle without Makeup? She looks not like that when she wear makeup. Now she doesn’t look like her young age, and it is just insane.

Kimberly Guilfoyle without Makeup pics and with makeup pics are totally different, we must say TV makeup artists do a marvellous job. Last days she posted a without makeup photo of her but lipstick, mascara and rouge were still present, she was looking so old.

We are not denying her beauty of salad time and at that time she was so much beautiful without makeup, but this is not same now. On TV Kimberly looks so sexy and fresh and of correct age forty-seven but in that picture which she posted, Kimberly was looking aged, no one identified her.

When we gossip about Kimberly Guilfoyle without Makeup we must include the gossips of her plastic surgery that she underwent after first marriage. She does some job on her fine lines, underwent from breast enlargement procedure, nose job and dental surgery. After that she started looking more sexy and seducing.

The sad in all this Kimberly Guilfoyle without Makeup story is that how a woman can look so bad if once she was so pretty. Now at this age in reality she has to wear a lot of makeup to look better even after a plastic surgery, because without makeup Kimberly looks so disaster. Disaster in the sense a lot of change.


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