Kriti Sanon admiration: Sushant kept me on my toes during movie “Rabata” shoot


Kriti Sanon admiration: Sushant kept me on my toes during movie “Rabata” shoot

Recently there is so much hype about love affair of Sushant Singh and Kriti Sanon. These two Bollywood stars are currently doing promotions of their up-coming movie “Rabata”.

Well! We would like to mention that recently Sushant did breakup with her girlfriend of many years “Ankhita Lokhande”. This was heart breaking news for their fans. Some people think that it is a publicity stunt by Sushant Singh and Kriti Sanon for their up-coming movie “Rabata”.

In all these people views and news of their growing closeness, Kriti again mentioned something which depicts their closeness. We can say that it is an open announcement of their liking for each other by Kriti Sanon.

Sushant Singh kept kriti Sanon on her toes during shoot of their movie “Rabata”.

Kriti in an interview told reporters that, “He (Sushant) is fabulous. He is an amazing actor so he keeps you on your toes. He gets into the skin of the character and does a lot of homework in detail. If you have a good co-actor your performance also enhances,”

It seems that Kriti like Sushant’s acting and his way of living with each other. News of their love affair is in air and when she was asked about their relationship she said, “It’s better to ignore them.”

She in her interview added words about her up-coming movie, “There is a section in the film that requires action. I always wanted to do it. So I am excited about it. It makes you feel little stronger when you doing and learning it. It is very difficult to do it. I have had lot of cuts and bruises but it was a great experience”.

This seems that she enjoyed her action character and not only her character she enjoyed Sushant’s company as well.

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