La La Land “Spuriously Awarded Best Picture: Oscar Winners 2017


89th Annual Academy Awards will be remembered for its remarkable ending.

Faye Dunaway and Warren Beatty accidently awarded “La La Land” the Oscar for the best picture while the “Moonlight” was the actual winner.

Jordan Horowitz, producer announced that it is by mistake announced that “La La Land” is the winner when producer of “La La Land” was in middle way to accept this award. Jordan insisted that this award goes to movie “Moonlight”.

Horowitz further showed up the card to audience on which “Moonlight” was announced as winner to prove that it was not a joke.

Laughter depicting nervousness gushed through Hollywood’s Dolby Theater at this Sunday night when he explained to audience that it was not a joke.

Beatty apologized from the crew of “La La Land” as the crew ushered unconstrainously from stage because of this mistake.

He further added that I was not trying to be funny, actually when I opened envelope a sound rushed abruptly that it is Emma Stone’s “La La Land” so this is the reason I spoke this thing by mistake and one thing more is worth mentioning here that before this incident happened Emma Stone for best Actress received the Academy Award.

Jimmy Kimmel, show host of this award ceremony tried to calm down the spectators of this show after this incident.

He further added to make the situation light by saying that I knew that I would screw up this show and see I screwed it and then said to spectators that please remember that it is just an Award Show so be calm.

In the History of Academy Awards such type of error never happened before.

Misstep in stride was taken by Director of “Moonlight”, Berry Jenkins.

Berry Jenkins expressed his happiness by saying that this could not be true in my dreams but this is true and I am happy.


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