Landmark Decision In Favor Of Separation From The European Union Of The Britain


A referendum is presented in United Kingdom that Britain will be the part of European Union any more or not while thinking of this matter the government decided to set a pole in which public of United Kingdom will decide that Britain will have to be the part of European Union or not.


This voting for referendum was done on past Thursday from 7 am to 10 pm according to the local time the result of this public voting is that from now on Britain is no more part of European Union.

The ratio of votes is like that 51.7 percent public of United Kingdom vote for separation and 48.3 percent of public for remaining the part of European Union as there is a difference of 9 percent the government of Britain decided to leave the European Union.

In this voting of referendum 1 crore 74 lac 10 thousand and 742 people have voted and in these peoples 1 crore 61 lac 41 thousand and 241 people voted for separation.

The ratio of vote caster in this referendum is 72 percent and it is first time in the history of United Kingdom that this large number of people has participated in voting after the election of 1992 in United Kingdom.

In Britain European Union has decided to leave the stock exchange market of Asia and Pakistan as the value of pound is coming closer to the value of dollar just to save the value of dollar European Union decided to crush the economy of Britain.

due to this decision of European Union the shares of Britain in Stock exchange market of Asia and Pakistan fall for 11 percent and pond reaches to the lowest level in 31 years.

After the voting of referendum British Prime Minister David Cameron announces that stock exchange will not be stopped in Asia.