“Lara Croft: Tomb Raider” Latest News And Updates: Next Game To Be Titled As “Shadow Of Tomb Raider”


The action adventure video game series “Tomb Raider” may have been spilled because of an open laptop in subway, upcoming hit video game next version’s title exposed as “Shadow of Tomb Raider”.


The reboot of video game “Tomb Raider” franchise got a massive success in 2013 and now the modern generation has found a renewed interest in upcoming video game that allegedly titled as “Shadow of Tomb Raider”.

The expectedly renewed game title went viral like a wild fire as the rumors have popped up that Crystal Dynamics is allegedly working on the next addition of the video game franchise.

An official site Ruddit’s one of the members narrates, he was riding a Montreal metro subway and caught a glimpse of an open laptop, may be the developer’s laptop an individual was chipping away at a Power Point presentation.

he saw “Tomb Raider” game logo at the top of page which can be read as “Shadow of Tomb Raider”, suspiciously considered it the title of reboot of video game.

Originally, the man who posted a blur image of narrated his story during a subway, from the dropped image one can understood easily the caption of “Shadow of Tomb Raider”.

Readers have two option either they have to believe on anonymous or they have to wait till the revelation of any official news.

The revelation of subway fact, the anticipated fans have to conclude that if the franchise is working on new version then it the development still in early development as a developer caught chipping up the presentation slides.

Several arguments wondering around the news, as one website advises developers to shut down their port able PC while subway or prevent to work in crowd.