LATAM Airlines Suspended their Roots of Venezuela Due to Economic Issues


On Monday Latin America’s largest airline LATAM has announced that they are suspending their all flights that are going to Venezuela for an unknown time period by following a similar decision made by Lufthansa a German airline about six days before.


In Venezuela there is a very complex situation of macroeconomics scenarios now a days after seeing all these situations Latin airline decided to stop its flights towards Venezuela but the suspension of flights towards Venezuela is temporary but this temporary order not to fly towards Venezuela is for undefined time period and this decision was taken after a lot of discussion between the company heads.

German airline Deutche Lufthansa has announced of Last Saturday that they are closing their all routs that are going towards Venezuela because now a day’s Venezuela was suffering from a lot of economic crises but was the company was not closing its routs to Venezuela but now the water has flowed over the head and company was paying more than 100 million dollars revenue on its tickets.

In Venezuela different air lines companies are suffering from a lot of revenue holds in the local currency of Venezuela which is Bolivar and this money comes in the hands of many corrupt persons and the government of Venezuela was failed to handle this large amount of money.

Due to these reasons the passengers have to pay fair in heavy amount and for many people’s that huge fair was out of their ranges and the amount of passengers going towards Venezuela was decreasing day by day and air lines have to face great lose on every flight and this amount was increasing day by day that’s why may air lines closed their roots and divided those roots on different places.

Basically economy Venezuela was based on its large oil resources and from the time when the amount of oil was decreased national market Venezuela was suffering from economic crises.