Latest Migrant Boat Tragedy Off Libya; About 8 Dead, Over 20 Missing


Search and rescue organization told on Monday, more than 26 were missed and about African migrants have reportedly dead in latest boat tragedy off the coast of Libya, authorities concerned more fatalities in coming hours.

On other side, French charity SOS Mediterranee has claimed that it’s the Aquarius vessel had saved 108 migrants from a victim boat in high seas on 17 April, 2016.

About 135 people were on board when vessel left the Libyan port of Sabratha and overcrowd caused the incident in high seas, one of the survivors of the latest boat tragedy off the coast of Libya described the Aquarius crew.

However, eight of the travelers on board, have allegedly dead while six dead bodies have been recovered in the ship though two corpses flown by the waves following in the result of a mass fright in passengers on board, fell into water.

After getting report of the new boat tragedy off the coast of Libya, rescue crew approached boat and recovered what they discovered while searches for missing people are being carried out,
According to a survivor of in incident told that boat had already let down though those were on board, all have blood lines from11 different African countries.

Nonetheless, 352 migrants have been dead by traveling illegally through the boats from Libya to Italy between the beginnings of this year until Apr 15, said the International Organization for Migration.

Until now, over 24,000 migrants have tried to travel to Italy though around all of them were discovered high seas by vessels taking part in an international search and rescue operation organized by the Italian coastguard.

SOS Mediterranee runs the ‘Aquarius’ with corporation alongside medical charity Doctors without Borders (MSF), although its operation on Sunday emerged twelve hours after the boat remained successful saving 116 migrants from another victim ship.