Latest Riots in India, Death Roll Rises to 19 in Violent Protests in Haryana


Indian government has been facing caste riots in country for more than seven days, while death toll rises to 19 in the result of severest clashes in northern India, local media reported.


According to fresh Indian media reports, the latest caste conflicts left more than reportedly 200 people wounded, said Haryana state’s additional chief secretary. He added that now the security forces trying to overcome the critical situation and to some extent they overcame at several locations in northern side of the country.

The residents of New Delhi have been facing water crisis following the huge crowd closed a key supply, though to handle the current caste unrest in north side of country, authorities have ordered troops on Saturday in Haryana state, make possible peace in region and for this they can use the right of shoot-on-sight.

However, seven days ago the series of protest was launched in Haryana state that turned violent even some of rioters set fire to homes as well as railway stations even built hurdles on highways.

Nevertheless, the latest caste riots left people dead when a fight started between two protesting groups while one of the dead was burnt badly among the crowd on Sunday.

If fresh reports by the Indian media are to be believed the Jat rural caste is leading the unrest or demonstration, demanding their quotas should be approved for highly sought-after government jobs and for university places.

On the other hand, both parties as Jat leaders and the Bharatiya Janata Party have agreed for negotiations with national Home Minister Rajnath Singh which to be held in Indian capital Delhi.
Caste members have huge rage as despite India’s strong economic growth, they don’t have government jobs and struggling to get opportunities in institutes.