Lindsay Lohan “Crucified” For Holding Muslim’s Holy Book “Quran” While Walking In NYC’s Street


The Hollywood star Lindsay Lohan was criticized in United States for holding Holy Book “Quran” in streets of New York City as well as for donning headscarf in Turkey while working with Syrian refugees.


A paparazzi caught the Hollywood star Lindsay Lohan when she grasping the Muslim’s Holly Book “Quran” while walking in streets of New York City.

The US has criticized much for her act but he point of view of Lindsay Lohan is totally varies as she said she was suffering from different turmoil from many thing that happened with her in America but “Quran” has opened many doors for her to explore another in true meaning.

Lindsay was walking along with “Quran” last year in 2015; she said she is still responding major backlash for her personal act from American Media’s outlets.

She also revealed the suspect of American media; if a girl starts reading “Quran” it leave many wonder if she converted to Islam religion.

However, the photo of donning headscarf (Hijab) had gone viral along with the snap of holding “Quran” in street of New York. In an interview of her, she stated she has got “Quran” from a close friend in London and her friend was Saudi.


After reading the Holly Book, Lindsay Lohan is spiritually exploring different religions.

Lindsay Lohan left America with a statement, “This was just me holding it and walking… the paparazzi had been across the street… and they crucified me for it in America.

They made me seem like Satan; I was a bad person for holding the Quran” she added, I’m so happy to have left and gone back to London after that because I felt so unsafe in my own country And this is my belief, if this is something I want to learn then this is my personal will, it’s not for you to express.”