London’s Muslim Mayor Sadiq Khan Takes A Tour To His Favorite Temple “Shri Swaminarayan”


Sadiq Khan recently elected as the Mayor of London visits the city’s most famous temple “Shri Swaminarayan” in Northwest London area Neasden as well as participates in the different rituals of the temple.


A practicing Muslim and a labour Party Politician Sadiq Khan have been elected the Mayor of London marking the politician milestone in the world of western.

His victory was an unusual campaign against the conservative candidate, Zac Goldsmith who reportedly the son of a billionaire but Sadiq Khan marks his victory as Mayor in the history of London.

Recently elected Mayor made different visit including the city’s most famous temple “Shri Swaminarayan temple” visit, interact with different communities personnel as well as participated in numerous ritual of the temple.


In one of the snap shoot, London’s Mayor Sadiq Khan seems tying a string around the wrist, before he won with thumping majority he took social media for the declaration of his favorite place, “Shri Swaminarayan temple is one of my favorite places in London.”

The son of Pakistani immigrant bus driver and seamstress, Sadiq Khan won with a record margin to secure the biggest individual mandate in British Political history against the son of billionaire Zac Goldsmith.

An opposition Labour Lawmaker and former human right lawyer become the first Muslim Mayor of the western capital, though he got the amusement of victory he posted a status on social media Facebook, “As Mayor, I will stand up for London’s Indian community, and strengthen London’s friendship with India. I look forward to leading a trade delegation to India at the earliest opportunity.”


The 45-years old Mayor of London used to say, “Supporting growth and innovation will be a priority – as someone who has helped to run my own business, I’ll be the most pro-business Mayor London has ever had.

I’ll support small businesses and challenge the Government’s unfair Visa restrictions which make it harder for businesses to find the skills they need.”