“Loud Noise” Heard, Los Angeles International Airport Evacuated, Rumors Of Active Shooter


Police report of shooting in Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) after a loud noise and all the passengers in different terminals at that instant runs out side from airport to save their lives.


During a regular day people are taking their flights and entering in Los Angeles International Airport just like a regular day but at that time when everything is going well according to the routine a loud noise is heard by the people present in airport at that time.

And everybody start calling to 911 for help and they report that they have heard gun shots inside the air port most of the call received by police is from terminal 4, 7 and 8 and at that time police and security force present on air port take charge and evacuate the terminals.

According to the report of Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) a loud noise heard from the food hall of terminal 8 and police take charge and start investigate that area and after an hour report came out that when the doors of air port are closed people are very much scared and hide themselves into the washrooms.

The earlier report of Los Angeles Police Department is that there is a just loud noise but till now it is not confirm that what is the source of that noise there are no signs of blast as well as well are the news of shooting gun fires is totally fake an till now police continue its investigation.

All the flights are canceled and Los Angeles International Airport authorities said that all the passengers again pass through the security check and a man is arrested by the police who is dressed up in Zoro costume and holding a plastic sward.