MacBook Air 2016 Release Date, Specifications, Features, Price, Revelations


American one of the largest giant devices maker companies Apple has set all to give a most powerful gaming machine MacBook Air 2016, which is emerging much-awaited device by Apple.

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The fans of MacBook Air might be happy after getting the favorable news, while MacBook Air 2016 expected to come with the newest graphic card dubbed as the nVidia GeForce GTX 950, latest reports revealed.

One of the latest reports, the fans must be confused after hearing the name of next feature the GeForce GTX 950 which believes to be equipped in MacBook Air 2016, the feature also known as Gamestream Co-op that grants players to load games on the internet and then stream them for other players to use; in that way of making one’s computer some sort of a server.

However, Apple appears to be compete its competitors by using the gaming GeForce GTX 950 to give better results to fans which they never used in previous giant releases, while next laptop also to come with the Lightning and MagSafe feature.

IT also revealed to be that next Apple’s laptop device will come with Core M-based Skylake processors that will give its enthusiasts much better efficiency that its rivals which are being used Broadwell-based Core M processors in construction.

On the other side, some reports claimed that the new processors expectedly will be part of Apple’s next year’s or may have those machines which to come in 2016 beginning.

When we talk about its price and release date, the giant laptop to be unveiled rumored to be in next three months while to be tagged at abut US $899 as Apple want to present its latest devices at reasonable prices.

It also repeatedly claimed that upcoming MacBook Air 2016 will have the USB-C port, which believes as micro USB connector, whereas slightly thicker.