Malala Yousafzai To Seek $1.4 Billion For Syrian Refugee Children


London: Noble Laureate Malala yousafzai is to seek $1.4 billion for refugee children of Syria to educate them in the camps; she requested all leaders in conference to collect these funds for them.

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Eighteen years old, daughter of Pakistan and noble laureate Malala Yousafzai , who is targeted and shouted by Taliban Militants for demanding the equal rights of women to get education freely in Pakistan. She received Noble prize few years ago and also launched her campaign for education of women, not in Pakistan but all over the world.

According to her, about seven lacs (700,000) refugee children that are living in the camps of Jordan, Lebanon and other Middle Eastern Countries are not getting education in the camps. According to report $1.4 are for the education of children and also for the women education.

She said that, she met with many children and she knows about their condition in the camps and she cannot forget them. She further Explained that they are not able to go to the school and it is very shocking news for all the world, and I am not able to accept these aspects.

She asked in her interview that she will send a case to all the governors and also the Ministers of the world and also to major authorities in this aspect in this conference which will on Thursday in London with is co hosted by Germany, British, Kuwait and Norway Governments.

She also asked that she will be the voice of all the Syrian children in conference not only to raise funds for their Education but also for their rehabilitation.

In Conference, Syrian Refugee 17 years old will also with her who will be given the task of addressing to all the leaders in the conference .

Muzoon the Syrian girl also said that we are nothing without education. Malala Said that we are with the people of Syria in this war.