Malaysian Flight MH370 Disappeared Near South China Sea


Malaysian Airlines flight MH 370 mystery disappeared from the radar on 8 March 2014 and last time talking between Vietnam and Malaysian air controllers in which they told plane was on south china sea when unknown fading held.


Big Malaysian Airlines flight MH 370 faced harsh accident in shape of disappearing from controlling radar before two years ago along with 239 passengers these all of were want to make travel to China but incidentally, plane was vanished on south side of China sea till now, any positive information about the actual location after that surprising accident.

According to a foreign news report, a big flight takes off from Malaysia for Beijing but before his landing flight MH 370 suddenly disappeared from air controlling radar now, talking between Vietnam and Malaysian air controllers about that plane when he was flying on South China Sea.

Almost 239 people were traveling by flight MH 370 but failed to reach their destinations in result of unknown hijacking or any other accident.

Lot of problems occurred between Malaysia and China but Plane did not discover but the best thing is that a big searching panel of Australia also busy in finding that plane.

Controlling telephone talking also created lot of surprising evidences for both countries in which pilot clearly said that when flight MH 370 disappeared from radar that was on south China sea but actual secret source of that flight did not discover recently, a part of plane met but any other thing not produce any relative information.

Ten years later, a big passenger’s plane also destroyed in sea in result of driving carelessness or mechanical deficiency but the reason of that accident also knew everyone but about Malaysian flight MH 370 also took hidden position along with 239 travelers these all of were wanting to land in China.