Mariah Carey Engaged With Old Wealthy Lover James Packer


Famous Hollywood actress and singer Mariah Carey lets engage with her old millionaire boyfriend named James Packer in presence of family members and best friends.


According to a news report, last night, a big private dinner party held in Eleven Madison Park in which high profile English singer and actress named Mariah Carey took happy engagement with her 48 years old lover James Packer and that ring ceremony attended by close friends and family members of couple.

Couple was spotted in having love dating and secret connections and finally they were engaged. The final date of marriage of that pair did not announce till now but people are expected that happy marriage during 2016. Carey and Packer also spent almost 2 weeks under one roof during summer vocations.

Mariah Carey was born on 27 March 1970 in Huntington, New York, US and started career in singing, acting, modeling and song writing. She also spent lot of time in Hollywood as lead actress and established herself as big celebrity of English film industry and one of the most paid performers.


English singer named Mariah has two broken marriages during her life first made with famous musician Tommy Mottola in 1993 and took divorce after 4 years. Second marriage made enjoyed with Nick Cannon and she has two sweet children in her life.

Famous businessman and Executive Chairman Crown Resorts ‘James Packer’ was born on 8 September 1967 in Bondi Beach, Sydney and got early education from Cranbrook School along with many childhood friends and established fantastic professional life in business.


James has two marriages and got three children but now; he will make third marriage with famous actress and singer named Mariah Carey near in future because both made happy engagement during a fantastic dinner invitation, people of Australia are waiting that event for the purpose of enjoyment.