Marvel Studios: Benedict Cumberbatch To Return As Doctor Strange In Next The Avengers Installment


Marvel Studios is fresh off their hit films but it casted Benedict Cumberbatch as Doctor Strange after a hit entry on big silver screen, the amazing sorcerer got a ticket to share the screen space in next The Avengers installment.


Benedict Cumberbatch is going to be the part of best series The Avengers although he recently got cusp of fame from his wizard entry on Box office.

After a massive hit on Box office with numerous super hero’s flick “Captain America: Civil War”, Marvel studio is all set to launch another in their next entry where a powerful sorcerer has to stunned the world by his unforgettable performance.

The recent installment of Marvel Studio “Captain America: Civil War” which empowered twelve super star in action that were fighting in groups opposite one another, as it was not enough to unleash stars together like Cap, Star Lord, Thor, Vision, Hulk and countless others Dr. Strange will be the part of still untitled Avengers installment.

Benedict Cumberbatch confirmed himself by an interview when he spoke out to Empire, talking about The Avengers: Infinity War Dr. Strange revealed he is taking part in the combine super hero’s venture.

As the shooting of The Avengers: Infinity War will launch in early months of next year so at the end of current one, he will move to Atlanta to take part in nine months tough shooting.

However, the actor is looking too ambitious to give ever cracker performance as he taking his new project a challenge for him.

Once he make his debut in Doctor Strange, he well performed his solo film with potential allegiance not know how his solo film connects with larger MCU, it’s getting more excited to know he will be in the biggest cast probably next year.