Meeting Of Narendra Modi With Barack Obama Talked On Joining Nuclear Suppliers Group


Now a day’s Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi was in America and here he met the American president Barack Obama in a meeting between Narendra Modi and Brack Obama both are agreed to increase in security cooperation between India & America.


But Narendra Modi wants that India must be in Nuclear Supplier Group (NSG) of world but Barack Obama takes this issue as for granted and agree the terms of security cooperation between India and America.

In this meeting between Narendra Modi and Barack Obama these two leaders have discussed several issues like they have talked on economy of India and treading of India business relationships of India with America and effect of Indian economy due to trade with America.

Most important they have talked on increasing the security cooperation between India and America this condition helps a lot India to increase its economy level as the security tax will be decrease on treading goods and it is a very good for the growth of Indian economy.

After this meeting these two leaders announced together that now America is going to provide the security cooperation to India and this step of providing security cooperation is in the favor of both countries to increase their relationships further they have talked on terrorist attacks in India and also on Military assistance.

In this meeting Narendra Modi put influence on Barack Obama to add India in the Group of Nuclear Suppliers Obama replies that it was not in his hands if all the Nuclear Suppliers Countries agreed that India can join them and India have that potential to supply the Nuclear items than India can be a part of this group otherwise not.

Narendra Modi was trying his best to add India in the Group of Nuclear Suppliers but from last 2 years he was unable to be successful.