Mega Earthquake Hits Italy 247 People Killed Rescue Operations Continue


Rome: Italy is once again targeted by the nature this time an earthquake of 6.2 magnitude hits this city and in result of this natural disaster 247 people are killed according to the Latest news while many dead or alive people are buried under trash of Buildings.


On Wednesday around 3:36 AM according to the local or 1:36 GMT an earthquake of 6.2 magnitude takes place in the north eastern side of Italy’s capital Rome at the distance of 100 km or 65 miles most of the highways are closed and people are trapped in their regions while every people is performing his part in rescue operation to save the lives of other peoples.

The most affected regions of Italy by earthquake are Accumoli, Amatrice and Pescara del Tronto these areas are situated in the central mountainous region of Italy while Accumoli, Amatrice are strongly hit by quake now there two regions are completely cut off from the whole country.

In result of this mega earthquake 247 people have lost their lives and there are many other dead people which are buried under the trash of buildings while rescue services are using heavy machinery to take out the alive of dead people.

Many huge buildings houses as well as business centers are collapse now 2,500 people of Accumoli, Amatrice are homeless and helpless as these people spend their last night under sky and some of the people are in tents which are given by the rescue officers.

In Pescara del Tronto the rescue forces are taking out many dead bodies from the trash and placing these dead bodies in a children park as there is no other place to keep the dead bodies most of the hospitals and cold stores are destroyed.